Heliopoli_Full_EX31One can experience more than one sunrise in Heliopoli on any given day.

The first sunrise comes from the east, over the horizon. Ideally, one stands in the Central Plaza and watches the surface at one’s feet go from blue to brilliant and sees the very brightest yellow strike the Sun Disk monolith to chime the dawning of a day.

Other sunrises can be experienced in the city, because of the great height of some of its buildings. One can stand in the shadow of a structure, even after the sun has risen over the horizon, and wait for the sun to peek over the top of the building to splash light around where one is standing.

This can be done several times in a day. One can walk from building to building, or retreat to the shadow of the same building, and experience once again the appearance of the sun. This is called “surfing the sunrise.”

A sunrise over the edge of a skyscraper, rather than the horizon, is a skyrise.


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