The Cinema

Heliopoli_Full_EX91Very few can resist the wonders that can be found in the cinema of Heliopoli. But it is a curious thing that in a city of so many amazing sights one would walk into a darkened space to see a projection on a screen —¬†an imitation, a fake.

And what is on the marquee today? It is none other than adventure yarns that just so happen to depict wondrous cities of the future, such as Rocket Men of the Moon, The Saturn Enigma, The Glass Towers of Mongo, Futurescape, If Tomorrow Were Today, Martian Walkabout, and Neptune 7.

Why, when we have such wonders in our city, do we enter the cinema to see them on a screen? Because we realize that we do not walk around with soundtracks in our heads, nor editing, nor tints that bring objects into sharp focus; and all that is larger-than-life is not always made larger-than life as we walk and talk and shop and sigh. Sometimes we need to see such things through another’s eyes, with techniques such as Surround-o-Sound, Cinemascopitron, Prismafilm, Technicoloration, Scent-o-Scene, Auraldilation, Optitrix, Tactitillation, and Sensarama.

With our emotions strung to a high pitch at the end of the show, we exit the cave-like warren of the cinema with its bright candle flame to walk outside, where the sunshine makes tears start from our eyes.