The Soundtrack of Heliopoli

  1. “Saturday in the Park” — Chicago
  2. “Questions 67 and 68″ — Chicago
  3. “Beginnings” — Chicago
  4. “Popcorn” — Hot Butter
  5. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” — Elton John
  6. “Here Comes the Sun” — The Beatles
  7. “Memories of Green” — Vangelis
  8. “Warszawa” — David Bowie
  9. “Baba O’Riley” — The Who
  10. “Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In” — The Fifth Dimension


2 thoughts on “The Soundtrack of Heliopoli

  1. The excavators have taken to blasting this selection, once revealed, through strategically placed loudspeakers, so one can hear it on site. It creates quite an eerie effect, echoing off buildings in an empty city. Unfortunately, access to the excavation is strictly controlled; but if you stand just outside, bend an ear and listen carefully ….

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