It’s Official

Heliopoli_Full_EX124It has caused a great deal of consternation among the excavators, even outright arguments. It has been called out of character and inconsistent. It doesn’t fit, they say. It can’t be true, they say. But the evidence is in, and the chief archivist is secretly pleased.

For its embrace of the embrace, called abrazo; for being called, according to Wikipedia, “a living act in the moment as it happens”; for its acceptance of improvisation; for having steps with names such as Media Luna, Volcada, Parada, Gancho, and Sandwich; for its show form having the name “Fantasia”; for its unadulterated passion; and, above all, for its unparalleled encapsulation of the quality of yearning

For all these things:

The official dance of Heliopoli is the Argentine tango.