The Ribbon Chair

It should come as little or no surprise that 573 ribbon chairs have been discovered in the excavation of the city of Heliopoli.

The Ribbon Chair was designed by the French designer Pierre Paulin in 1965 and manufactured by Artifort in 1966. It won the Chicago Design Award in 1968. It came in a variety of colors and represented a beautiful marriage between sculpture and function.

A website dedicated to an exhibition of Paulin’s work at the Galerie Alain Gutharc in Paris in 2000 has this to say about the designer: “A man of the future, Paulin scattered his path with poetic objects that were ahead of their time and whose rediscovery more than 30 years later inspire admiration.”

Truer words were never spoken.

3 thoughts on “The Ribbon Chair

  1. I believe if I owned a lime green Ribbon Chair as well as a Ball Chair by Eero Arnio, with orange interior, I’d enter such a state of bliss someone would have to smack me, hard, to get me out of it.

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