The Monorail

Well, of course.

Except, perhaps, for the Sun Disk Monolith, nothing is more iconographic of the city of Heliopoli than its monorail. Circling the outside of the circle-shaped city in a complete circuit as it does, it is estimated that the entire length of the monorail track is 80 miles, given that the diameter of the city is perhaps ten.

Try to imagine a more joyous occasion than to step into the air-conditioned hum of the monorail car and sink into its plush seating, beige on beige. With the shimmery desert on your right and the glistening city on your left, the thrill and swish of the speeding monorail train imparts such a feeling of self-possession one must catalog it as its own species of a unique kind of meditative state of bliss. The windows are crystal clear. The interior lighting is bright.

Where are your worries now? Whither your concerns and cares? Did you leave them behind at the last station? The employees of the monorail in their starched shirts and smart caps are adept at losing such baggage.

The monorail of the city of Heliopoli describes an enormous circle around the entire city, as we’ve mentioned. Didn’t you mean to get off at that station? Weren’t you to visit the museum, the Chronotower, the Lightworks, the Balloon Ferry, the Solarium? No? Then you are riding the monorail to ride it; the journey is its own journey, and why not? No need to stop. You will come round to your starting point again, eventually, and that’s all right; you’re probably different now, or not.

Regardless, you may continue to ride, and the circuit is never boring, because you will find something different this time around; it is, after all, a different time of day. You were never concerned with repetition as a child, were you? How many times did you see that movie? How many times did you listen to that song? Maybe your starting point is your end point, when all is said and done (and does not the monorail travel counterclockwise?).

It is highly recommended that you ride the monorail with your arms crossed, lest your heart burst with joy.

Welcome aboard.


3 thoughts on “The Monorail

  1. The Monorail is the best description of the architectural structures of the city, quite poetic. Bravo! I definitely would like to ride it until I get dizzy.

  2. Thank you, kimiam. Will do. Be assured that the monorail, like the rest of the city, is powered by, of course, solar energy.

    Thank you, Erika. The excavators have been doing just that for days.

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