Called the “symbol of life,” the ankh appears frequently in ancient Egyptian tomb paintings and other art. In sculptures in which the sun’s rays are represented as terminating in hands, the offerings are ankhs. As a sun symbol, the Egyptians crafted important examples of the ankh in gold, the metal they most associated with the sun.

The ankh is theorized to represent the sun crowning over the horizon, the path of the sun from east to west, a stylized person, a combination of male and female symbols, the thoracic vertebra of a bull, and a sandal strap. In the movie Logan’s Run, it represents “Sanctuary.” Needless to say, taken out of its context, or put into an imaginary one, we can rarely know what a symbol means to a culture.

The chief archivist and the excavators fondly remember the popularity of ankh necklaces during the 1970s. Several of these have been found in Heliopoli.

Because of its embodiment of the concept of “cool” …

The official symbol of Heliopoli is ankh.

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  1. It’s certainly fascinating, and something I can’t dissociate from the 1970s. I haven’t seen anyone wear one for quite some time.

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