One-Year Anniversary, With Tang

Today the excavators celebrate the one-year anniversary of the excavation of the city of Heliopoli and the start of this blog. According to its WordPress statistics, this blog averages eight hits per day. Three of those hits per day, on average, go directly to the post Tang: A Correlative History. It is the most successful (OK, only successful) post of the blog, with currently over 800 views, which is about 25 percent of total views.

You can rest assured that throughout the day, every day, someone somewhere in the world is curious about the instant breakfast drink Tang, entering such search terms as “Kraft Tang,” “Tang breakfast drink,” “Russian tea with Tang,” “history of Tang drink,” “Tang recipes,” etc. Who knew? These visitors do not click on anything else in the blog; the focus and intensity of Tang drink curiosity knows no bounds.

So, without further ado, the excavators and the chief archivist would like to salute not the city itself, but the official drink of Heliopoli: Tang.

We hereby raise a toast to Tang … with Tang.

2 thoughts on “One-Year Anniversary, With Tang

  1. That’s too funny. Nice pick for the official drink. Its orange colour complements Heliopoli stylishly. I raise my glass to Tang and the anniversary! :)

  2. Thank you, Erika! The excavators went a little overboard imbibing orange Tang during the celebration, but I think they’re recovering now.

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