The Rainbow Tower

Heliopoli_Full_EX48The first day of spring is hardly ever the First Day of Spring. It rarely falls on March 20, or 21, or whatever the official date is. The real first day of spring is the first day of the year when you feel or hear that buzzing in the air. The temperature is different outside, but there’s something that goes along with that, more than just a change in Fahrenheit. The sun is a tad brighter. Perhaps you’ve spotted a single bee, or a fly. There’s “something in the air,” as the saying goes, and it seems to go best with the first day of spring. It’s a feeling, but also a sound, and more than just seeing a flower somewhere.

Which of course brings us to the Rainbow Tower in the city of Heliopoli. There’s something inside that structure that has to do with spring; the excavators have described it. The Rainbow Tower has that feeling, that buzzing, when you walk inside it. There’s “something in the air.” And it’s preserved throughout the year and still there through all these years.  Remarkable, really.

Now, the official season of Heliopoli is autumn — it’s always autumn in Heliopoli — and the chief archivist, for his part, is stupendously unpartial toward spring, to put it mildly; but that one real first day of spring is kinda nice.

And in the Rainbow Tower, the first day of spring occurs 365 days of the year.