Heliopoli_Full_EX9Heliopoli is a city of tomorrow from a tomorrow that never was. Current evidence holds that construction was abandoned in 1974. The city is presently a working archeological site.

Heliopoli was built using the most advanced technology available at the time of its construction. Its design as a city of the future is dependent on a vision of that future from the perspective of the early 1970s. Though its design looks quaint to modern eyes, Heliopoli was a technological wonder in its time.

No one knows why the project was abandoned and the city buried with desert sand.

No one knows if it was populated and, if so, what happened to its citizens.

No one knows who built it.

It is very large.

This blog is a diary of the excavation’s progress and will include descriptions of city sections as they are revealed, reports and speculations on science and science fiction as they relate to the city, and random ephemera based on found artifacts.

Welcome to Heliopoli.